Using Zendesk to inform users of releases?


  • Amie Brennan

    Hi Joseph,

    Zendesk actually does this very thing you're looking to achieve here themselves by using their Guide (help centre) platform. You can check it out here:



  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Joseph Krikorian,

    Yes Amie's right. And basically all you need is a new Category and/or Section for Release Notes on your Help Center and have someone (or several someones!) create the release notes. You can start linking this section to the bottom of your Agent Signatures or just link the Section if needed when working a ticket.

    You may also want to advise your customers to subscribe to the Section so they get all future articles posted there.

    Et Voila!



  • Ben

    I'd like to say, using the help center for updates / important messages is not viable for most businesses. Why? Because there are no pop-ups, sounds, notifications, etc. These types of features should be built into Zendesk chat so SAAS businesses who use Zendesk chat can send all of these things within their apps on the web, ios, android, etc. 

    Expecting paying customers to navigate to the help center to see these kinds of things is very outdated. 


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