Trying to pull data for an end_user after knowing his ID


  • Chandra Robrock
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    I'm wondering if perhaps you're seeing this error since there isn't a space in between "369312547338" and the "\"

    Based on the example found in Zendesk's API docs, it looks like it should be: curl https://{domain} \ instead.

  • DB

    Hi Chandra,

    You are correct, but when I try to send it with space I get an error and when I try to omit "\" I also get a long error with a bottom line that says.

    {"error":"RecordNotFound","description":"Not found"}* Closing connection 0


    Now, I'm sure that the ID number I have is of a user found in the system, but for some reason it's given me an error that the record is not found.

    I got the ID after pulling out the list from 

    curl https://{subdomain} \ -v -u {email_address}:{password}

    Ok I think I understand why I couldn't access it, only end users are able to access their own information

    Allowed for

    • End users


    Is there a way I can also pull their info? if I have Admin rights, it is only making sense that I will but it doesn't seem as easy...


  • DB

    ok I managed to do it via

    • GET /api/v2/organizations/{organization_id}/users

    That's good enough for me.


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