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  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Julia,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    1) From my understanding, you would like to have a pre-populated text field with an explanation or pop-up boxes with extra text for some insides.
    This idea sounds great. Unfortunately, at this moment, you couldn't modify text fields using these ways. By writing clearly and concisely, you will get straight to your point in a way your agents can easily comprehend. Please notice: the subject field can be up to 150 characters:

    About ticket fields

    2) As a recommendation. Instead of using plain text fields, you can also use nested ticket field values within drop-down ticket fields.
    Here's a document that will walk you through how to set this up in your account:

    Organizing drop-down list options

    This method should help create a custom decision tree (with multiple categories and sub-categories) to help your agents determine which property is best for them. it's fairly easy - just add double colons between each "level". For example:
    Refund::Why does the customer want a refund?::Slow delivery
    Refund::Why does the customer want a refund?::Accidental purchase
    Refund::Why does the customer want a refund?::Quality
    Refund::Why does the customer want a refund?::Price

    That's it. Hope that helps!


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