Broken link for pictures in our knowledge base


  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Henk,

    This problem occurs where images are attached as inline attachments to another article that is:

    Restricted to a specific group of users
    In draft status
    In archived status

    Due to any of these reasons, the image is displayed as a broken link, followed by the name of the image. To know more about this, you may check Inline images in Guide articles display as broken across all browsers


  • Peter Masurat

    I am sorry, but the thread you are referring to is a joke when it comes to a solution to the problem.

  • Dave Dyson
    HI Peter, do the solutions suggested in that article not resolve the issue?
  • Peter Masurat

    @Dave - The short answer is no. I tried copy article content directly (both as is, and the actual code), and the link breaks sometimes. I have old articles, and suddenly the links break. I guess this all ties into being able to copy articles in Zendesk.
    I have the same concern as the below comments from that thread:

    Suggested solution (and let us assume the article is published).

    1. If the article is restricted to a specific group of users, update the restriction settings.
    2. If the article is in draft status, publish the article.
    3. If the article is in archived status, restore the article.

    Some comments on this in the thread.

    • We NEED our articles to be restricted by user group, in order to protect intellectual protocol. ("Update the restriction settings" is not a valid solution)
    • This is a huge issue if using any kind of API to automatically publish articles into Zendesk.
    • What I find is that the issue is inconsistent. I thought I figured out a workaround but after a week, some images had the problem again. It's hard to figure out even a workaround when the problem is inconsistent.
    • "Run the following API call for article attachments" is not a useful step. I have no clue how to run an API call. This issue is happening increasingly, apparently randomly, and is extremely painful. Are there any directions that are more useful for someone who is not an engineer?
    • I am not an API developer, so writing  API scripts is out of my wheelhouse. Is there another way? Can you provide some guidance?
    • I ran a publish on April 8 and tested the articles. They were fine. I looked this morning, and many many images are missing. 
    • We'd appreciate a long-term solution to this issue. We've been on Zendesk for 3+ years and this is the first time we've encountered this issue.



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