Color Coding Tag or Fields


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Steven -

    Can you provide some additional detail as to what you're hoping to achieve? For example, which dropdown field menus would you want affected – ticket fields in the agent interface, or form fields in the help center request submission form?

    And for your example, it sounds like you're wanting the color to change depending on how many (or which?) items are being selected?

    I'm not sure all this is possible, but I did find this in Stack Overflow which makes me think you might be able to add colors to dropdown menus in the help center, by modifying your css file in the theme: HTML Dropdown list item background colors

  • Mira

    I'd love to color code all ticket and organization fields and tags! That'd really help people to assess something quickly based on the colors they see when they glance at a profile or ticket.


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