• Chris Colbeck

    We've come to a unique situation where we're looking to add head count in a region and need the ability to show the number of tickets created in that region by IP address or email (login) address. Is there a way to filter tickets for a given period by IP address? Is there a way to filter tickets by a group of email addresses (this would need the ability to upload < 100 addresses for filtering)?


  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Chris,

    No, at this time it is not possible to use an IP address to identify tickets. However you can add the users to an organization using their email domain.

    Check out our article here for more details Creating, managing, and using organizations

    And then you can create a view which uses the ticket's organization as the primary condition, this should show you the filtered list of tickets in that particular view for easy managing.

    Hope this helps!


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