Looking for the most efficient setup for my situation!


  • Dominic cx

    Hi Timothy,

    Your current setup is good! 

    In Zendesk, if you have your languages you support activated into the Guide, technically the languages can be detected by Zendesk. Depending on the browser language the user comes from, depending on the contents of their description, Zendesk can recognise the language so you don't have to.

    However, adding this extra "safety" with a custom field for language is great because sometimes even Zendesk can get confused. I.e a user is writing from Spain, has their browser setup in English and they write their message in French.

    Having your categories show up in Views is down to how your way of working. In general, less is more, so having less Views is better than more. However, there is no 1 formula that works for all. I'd suggest adding the ticket categories into a global View like "All unsolved tickets" as a column. If you go to Settings/Views/Add Column and search for your custom field created for categorisation. Now you will be able to filter requests based on ticket category as well.

    Hope this helps.





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