How do I stop receiving email notification of my own replies on tickets?



  • Robert Wiesemborski

    Hi Adam,

    Is it necessary that everyone in the group is notified about changes on all tickets?

    If you only want the customer and the agent on the ticket to be notified, you can simply select the "Email user" option as an action. If you wish to create different messages for the customer and agent, you have to add two separate actions. 

    If you can/want to share more about why everybody in the group needs to be notified, that would be appreciated.

    #helpsome regards,
    Robert Wiesemborski
    Zendesk Consultant @


  • Sean Schulze

    Also, I do not want to email my end user a ZenDesk email about their own reply. ie, if a user gets a response from ZenDesk (your ticket is updated for example), and they reply from their email, I do NOT want them to immediately get a ZenDesk email telling them their ticket is updated by them. I have tried to do this with triggers, but i have not been able to achieve it yet. please help.

    I do want updates from others to go to them or from our site.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Sean,
    This shouldn't be a problem – Zendesk automatically suppresses email notifications sent to the ticket Requester if they're they one who updated the ticket: see "Notifications: Email user" in this article: Trigger conditions and actions reference
    "There's a known limitation for using the Email user + (requester and CCs) action and the Ticket + is + Updated conditions in triggers. Support suppresses emails to a user if the ticket update is from that same user. This is expected behavior to eliminate redundant emails."

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