Any tutorial on how to use API to create a notification box on the upper-right side of Zendesk



  • Louis Borocki

    There's a new feature coming (wish I could remember what it's called) that's similar to conditional fields. Once a value is selected (i.e. EMEA) you then get a list to choose from for a related field. You could then limit what the agents choose.

  • Melody Quinn

    We organized our drop-down list so the agent's selection options were obvious. This seemed to have solved a similar issue we had. 

  • Jue Liu

    Thank you Lou
    did you know the name of the feature? I tried to use the "Ticket Field Manager" on ZenDesk, but it has some shortcomings. 

  • Jue Liu

    thank you Melody Quinn
    yes, this' s also a way for us to categorize these tickets values, but agents still choose wrong values. we want to limit these values for different groups or Using API to send pop-up notification on the upper-right side of zendesk.
    thanks for your advice~


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