Improvements to product feedback in the Zendesk Community



  • Yaniv Dayan

    Hi @..., That sounds promising but sorry for being skeptical, as till now, every feedback or improvement that we suggested was refused with a no-can-do. Even a small but extremely important change like changing the Internal Note color to easily differentiate it from the public reply was refused with "sorry.. we can't..." and to think of how many times I accidentally sent an internal note as a public reply to a customer.... 

  • Pablo Kenney
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @..., we hear you, and this change is not going to magically enable us to create extra capacity on our product roadmap or add hours to the day.  However there are a few things we're focusing on:

    1) We have not been responsive enough to feedback and product requests. We are engaging with more customers and being more transparent around our priorities (as noted in the post above). 

    2) We are engaging proactively with the community. Instead of always saying no, we're working on bringing our "yes" projects to the community, sharing the projects that we are working on and asking for feedback on some of the realtime decisions we're making. 

    3) We are also leaving room in our roadmap for some of the types of changes you're describing. We know that UI changes (e.g. Internal Note color) are important, and moving forward we're trying to leave capacity to make those changes. 

    These changes aren't going to happen overnight, and a blog post or a comment isn't going to be enough to overcome your well earned skepticism. However, @... and I (along with the whole of the Product Development team) are committed to overcoming that skepticism by establishing a new pattern of engagement and tweaking our development process along the way. 

  • Nick

    Hi @...

    I'm not sure if your post should be a public post available to everyone.

    I landed here be reading an e-mail from Nicole about changes in the community. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Nick, 

    The post that I linked to from the email is the one at the top of this thread. Pablo's comment is a response to Yaniv's comment on my post above. Apologies for any confusion there. 

  • Nick

    Nu problem @... I thought it might be an internal comment. I'm a product director as well..hence my feeling :)


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