Android SDK RequestListActivity: Hide 'Start a Conversation' Button



  • Remi Saumet
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Matt Stone,

    Thank you for your post today, hope you are doing well !

    I reached out to a member of our mobile dev' team regarding this question, and it turns out this won't be possible as such.

    The purpose of this view is to give you the list of tickets, and by default we put this to create some tickets directly.
    The only "way" would be to create your own view (custom view) for when there are no tickets, and you can use our view when your list contains tickets.

    Here is the provider if you want to create your own custom view (if getAllRequest is empty = your custom view, otherwise the native Zendesk view), however, as being part of the custom code, we won't be able to accompany you down this road.

    Hope this helps! Have a great rest of your day,

    Best regards.


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