Showing Created ticket per date for selected attribute



  • Christopher Stock
    Community Moderator

    Hi @..., it looks like you've added a change attribute widget to your dashboad that is set to change the date attribute to either Component, Product, Severity, or Ticket Type. This is why when you select one of those attributes the dates disappear. If you just want to see the count for solved and created tickets for a selected value of one of your attributes then you can add a data filter widget for each attribute.

    This will allow you to filter the ticket counts by some or all of the values for an attribute.

  • Cognite AS

    Thank you for your suggestion, @... :-) 

    It is a bit of a shame, as I was hoping for a more elegant solution. I like how the attribute filters look and interact with the visualisations. I'll go back to the drawingboard!


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