Number of tickets last month against the average monthly volume



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    Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Galina, 

    Thanks for reaching out! I gave this a try in my test account and came up with this:  

    First, you'll want to create a standard calculated metric to find the monthly average for all time. You can use this formula to do so:

    COUNT(Tickets)/DCOUNT_VALUES([Ticket created - Month])

    Be sure to check compute separately. Next, we'll want to create a date range calculated metric computed from this custom metric to only return monthly averages for the last 12 months. 

    Next, we can add the default COUNT(Tickets Created - Last Month) metric and your custom date range calculated metric to the metrics section. Be sure to keep Tickets Created - Last Month listed as the first metric. 

    Lastly, we'll want to change this to a KPI visualization so we can show the variation between tickets created last month and your monthly average.

    After changing this to a KPI chart, you can go to chart configuration>>chart and select show variation. You can choose to display this variance as a percentage or difference. 

    If this isn't quite what you're looking for let us know and we'd be happy to take another look!


  • Galina

    Hi Taylor,

    Thank you so much! This is exactly what I need! I really appreciate your help.


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