Report on When Tag Was Added to Ticket


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Just a suggestion.

    You are correct that Explore cannot report on the timestamp of when a tag is added to a ticket.

    But check boxes and drop down fields can be associated with tags. You can track when a custom field is added to a ticket or changed on a ticket.  So it may not be possible for all your tags, but perhaps some can be associated with custom fields and reported on with the Ticket Updates dataset.

  • CJ Johnson

    It's so bizarre to me that this isn't possible. This would vastly simplify a lot of things and not require a ton of custom fields as a workaround. 

  • Alek J Reed

    Agreed on this. Tags are a fantastic way to track the topics and trends of tickets.  If we had the ability to report upon when a tag was added, we could take this to the next level. 

    Use case example: How many tickets in the last 24 hours have had tag X added?

    Today, we could report "how many tickets with tag X were updated in the last 24 hours," but that is solving a different metric.

    This would also assist with reporting on "macro usage" since the solve for that is to add tags when a macro is applied.

  • jvon

    I've previously set up calculated attributes on the ticket updates dataset to look at [Changes - Field Name], [Changes - Previous Value], and [Changes - New Value] to track when a tag is added to a ticket.  

    Essentially the calculated attribute formula looks like this:

    IF (
      [Changes - Field name] = "Ticket tags"
      NOT(CONTAINS([Changes - Previous value],"tag"))
      CONTAINS([Changes - New value],"tag")

    I was trying to set up something similar today and noticed that "Ticket Tags" no longer shows under the [Changes - Field Name] results and reports I've previously used to track these behaviors are now broken, which is pretty frustrating.


    The only other way to track this now is by leveraging data we're collecting from the Support API Ticket Audits endpoint, which I think the majority of Zendesk customers wont have the time/effort/resources to do.



  • Sarath

    I agree with this. It will make easier to create weekly & monthly reports on many things including counting JIRA linked ("jira_escalated") tickets, escalations, etc. Right now, we don't have any options to create accurate reports and have to rely on Update - Date attribute, but it doesn't produce what we need.


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