Banning Visitors in Chat Tabs


  • Ayush Upadhyay
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for the feedback @... !

    We will be working on banning users from Agent Workspace in the upcoming quarters. I will update the community posts once we have more information for you.


  • Chris Gregory

    Ayush Upadhyay

    We have developed a possible workaround that could be implemented as system functionality.

    1) We enabled the pre-chat form requiring an email to start a chat.

    2) We created a user field checkbox called chat ban

    3) We created a macro that places a tag "banned" on a ticket

    4) We created a trigger that requires all of the below:

    • A ticket is updated
    • The banned tag is present

    The triggers checks the chat ban user field

    5) We created a second trigger that requires all of the following:

    • A ticket is created
    • Channel is Chat
    • User Field Chat Ban is checked

    The trigger does the following when fired

    • Status of ticket is closed
    • Tags are added to exclude allow us to filter the ticket from explore queries.
  • Ayush Upadhyay
    Zendesk Product Manager

    That is a great workaround, Thanks for sharing this, Chris. 

    We still have a feature planned around banning users in Agent Workspace in upcoming quarters. We will share with the community once we have more details about it.



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