Delays in receiving the tickets


  • John Espina

    Hi Ramona,

    In regards to your concern, I am not sure if time zones can affect the deliverability of your ticket responses but you can check some common issues that cause the delay of your email deliverability on this article:

    I hope this helps.

    John Espina | Customer Advocate

  • Lynn Di

    Hi there, 

    I am also experiencing a delay the same as Ramona above. I will see an email in triage that is timestamped much earlier that was not in triage at the time is says it was created. What could be a cause for this delay? I was also wondering if time zone could be impacting this as well. 

    The article linked in the response above does not address this. Please assist!

    Thank you

  • Haseeb Umer

    I noticed that there are some delays in receiving tickets. I operate from Europe can this be an issue of time zones? They tickets appears in Zendesk after 50 - 65 minutes.

    Due to this reason i have face music from the global support manager in USA. Please help with this issue.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Lynn and Haseeb,

    If you have already followed all the steps in Common issues with email deliverability and the same behavior persisted, please contact our support directly to investigate further. 

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