HEIC Attachments in Preview


  • Justin Ramsey

    We need Zendesk to recognize HEIC image file format. Our customers submit warranty claims with images. Many submissions contain HEIC format. Thanks!

  • Scott Maxwell

    I agree. This is now one of the main image file types for iPadOS and iOS.  Many of our customers are using it, and so we need Zendesk to support it for the image preview window. Thanks.

  • Michael Y.

    Amisha Sharma I see you've commented on some other customer posts re: product feature requests. Maybe you can assist here. What are the odds of getting HEIC previews in Zendesk, similar to the way we can preview JPG images without having to download them? Is there somewhere else we should be sending this request? There was a post about this back in 2019 but it was archived without any official comment. :-/ 

  • Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello all & Michael Y. - Thanks for providing feedback. This pain point has been recently brought to our radar. We are currently working on improving Agent Workspace performance, so won't be able to pick this request right away, but we do plan to start investigating and pick this up as soon as possible. I'll be sure to update here once we are making some progress on this. Thanks for your patience!

  • Kurtis

    The majority of our users are contacting via mobile so the most of our images are sent in standard HEIC. My team all use windows so it is becoming a major problem having to request images in a different format just to view, prolonging the customer journey. 2023, and this thread began in 2019, how soon will this feature likely become available? Alternatively we may need to look at different solutions with other service providers

  • Nick P

    Our users also need to provide photos from job sites in a lot of support tickets, so we need this file type support in Messaging, especially since most of our users are also chatting in from an iOS device. It's inconvenient to our agents to create a separate ticket just to email in photos.

  • Michael Y.

    Thanks Amisha Sharma for the update.

    I'm surprised to hear this issue was just recently brought to Zendesk's attention though as there's an archived post about it from 2019.

    Like many of the others here, our CS team often requires photos of the product/issue. When those photos are in HEIC format it requires extra time and effort from our agents since Zendesk doesn't preview them. (See my attached screenshot). HEIC files have to be downloaded, opened in a program that supports HEIC files, exported as JPGs, and, finally, those JPGs must be reattached to the ticket as an internal note.

    With HEIC being the default format for iOS devices, and iOS accounting for nearly half of US cell phone users, we get a lot HEIC images. Being able to preview HEIC files within Zendesk, just like JPG files, would be so much more efficient. The sooner this can be addressed the better it'll be for all of us--agents and customers alike. 

    Thanks again.


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