About Role Permissions


  • Max McCal

    Hi, @... – 

    Our plans to look at permissions for users in the future are definitely shaping up, although we have more research to do before we can start in earnest. 

    Am I understanding your ask correctly? I believe you're saying you'd like to restrict agents so that they can add and edit users within their organizations, or with no organization. Is that right?

  • Johnny J

    Hi Max McCal,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Yes, I mean providing access to add/edit end users within the agent's organization and also to add/edit users outside their organization or with no organization (but not to delete users & assume identity). I hope I've made it clear now.

  • Max McCal

    I think so yes! It sounds like you're saying you're more interested in limiting the kinds of actions they can take than which users they can edit. This seems like something we'll be able to take into account, and is exactly the kind of granularity we aim to offer, but we aren't there yet. I appreciate you sharing this!


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