Feature request: same pop up message for Talk as for chat to go online when business hours started


  • Amy Lee
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Brecht,

    Thank you for your feedback. Do you mind providing us with a bit more information on why this is helpful to you? Thank you! 

  • Brecht Smit

    It's to avoid that you go to Zendesk, (you open it in your webbrowser), but you accidentally forget to put you 'available' (green phone icon).

    Especially in the early morning, i have sometimes forgotten to do this, and after 15 minutes i realise i wasn't available.

    SO a popup notifying me that i should go online/available will at least attract my attention and help to remind me to go online .

    With chat icon we get this already in Zendesk, it pops up saying your chat hours are now active , please go online... 


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