New Agent Workspace: Public reply, but no email listed


  • Amy Lee
    Zendesk Product Manager

    hi there, 

    In both the old and new agent workspace, users are able to send a public reply without an email on file for the user. If you enable the cc feature, users can enter an email address right on the composer before sending out a public reply. 

  • Daan Verkaik

    Hi Amy, thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately we have no way of checking that anymore, though we're convinced sending an email was not possible. The cc feature is not what I was referring to. However, we'll have to take your word for it :)

    My suggestion still stands, though. Would it not be a good improvement to notify the agent that a public reply will not be sent to the user if no email is added to the end user?

  • DK

    Zendesk support confirmed that, there isn't any available feature/workarounds at this time that will alert/stop agents from replying to a customer that does not have an email address.

    I agree with Daan, and would like to see a setting or feature where public reply could be disabled if email address field is empty. 


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