Add categories (subviews, dropdown view) function to Views


  • Support team

    hi Jan Urban! What ticketing system you are using now for support?

  • Jan Urban

    To be honest. We sticked with the aging Kayako... It has a wonderful tree structure. It works for us. You need to do some workarounds and stuff, but its ok. The downside: Its far away from beeing a modern ticketsystem. It lacks in terms of: reports, macros, flexibility and other channels like Facebook, Whatsapp etc.
    An other option is "intercom" we looked into this, but it lacks some features we need. So maybe in 2023 we switch to "intercom". 




  • Ash

    +1 This should be a basic function within the tool.

  • Usman Saeed

    Yes, we need this!

    When we can expect this feature in production?

  • Jeong Hyeon Woo

    Hi! Zendesk team.

    Is there any progress on this work?

    I think it is a very, very necessary function, and I hope it will be applied soon.

    I look forward to your feedback on the progress.

  • Nathan Purcell

    Salvador Vazquez can we have an update please? 

  • Haroon Rashid

    Waiting for an update on this?

  • Support team


    When will this be available?

  • Jordan Moore

    Is this ever going to show up on the roadmap? We're paying for a third party app for a feature that SHOULD have been native in ZD from day one. We have 100+ views that are all necessary (especially when you have multiple assignee groups). This has been one of the most frustrating limitations in ZD. People have been asking for this for YEARS. Put it on the road map already.

  • Daniel Heard

    There isn't an update to this specifically but the views limitation thread has an update:


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