Differentiate between chat vs. support ticket in Agent Workspace


  • Michael Mader

    I was informed by Zendesk Support that in order for our Chat agents to have their Chats served up in the comment box as a chat and not as an internal note, that I need to check the box "Non-email conversations are public by default", this however, also includes the API, in which our phone system integrates into Zendesk, that is now public by default.  


    So it seems, we're being asked to either default phone calls (for those of us using the API) to public comments for the sake of Chat working correctly


    Default phone calls to internal notes (as they should be) and make my Chat agents switch from internal note to chat for every served up chat.

    My question is, why are active chats that come in, not always automatically served in the Chat channel?  It seems weird that they would default to anything else?


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