Embed a ticket form on a page


  • Renaud Croix
    Most Engaged Newbie of the Year - 2021


  • Eylon Sirotkin


    We are also interested in this functionality, essentially embedding the always-open widget in our web site, inside a <div> or <iframe> so it becomes integral part, E.g., scrolls with the page. 

    After a looooooong struggle with zendesk support we were informed (yet again :-S) that this is not possible. 

    With some digging we found that we can have the widget always open by adding a call to zE.activate in a script section of the hosting page as you can see below. This at least, always shows the form, though doesn't embed nicely into the site. 

    Hope it helps, and that you get some more up-votes so the Zendesk team will consider implementing this much required functionality. 

    zE(function() {

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