Auto Generate ticket via email


  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    Hi Andrew, It sounds like you want to set up an auto-response to tickets sent to your Zendesk email address. You can find a simple version in this blog post

    There is not a way to add an attachment directly to a trigger, but if you had a link to the document (on your help center for example) you could include that link the message sent in the trigger. 

    I hope that helps!


  • Andrew

    Hi Chris, 

    I want users to be able to send a new email to an email address which automatically triggers a 'New ticket creation' within Zendesk.


    I'm not looking to setup auto responses to tickets.

  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    Ok, it sounds like you just want to set up the email address that users are sending the email to as one of your Zendesk addresses. You can find the instructions for that here:

    It's very easy to do and users can include attachments. 

  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    The one thing you can't do, is have an auto response that includes the text that was sent into the email. But you can have an email they can send to that creates a ticket, and sends an auto reply. You could vary the auto reply based on content in the original email (but can't quote it), and you could vary it based on the address it is sent to.
    The reason you cannot quote it is that this option was disabled some time back to prevent it being used for spam.


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