Using CCs as conditions for Triggers and Automations


  • Greg O'Neill SMC

    Hi Kyna,


    You can create and organisation using your external email address's domain.

    You can then trigger off any ticket with that organisation.

  • Kyna (Ky)

    Hi Greg, 

    I tried your suggestion, but unfortunately did not get the expected result. If I do make an Organization specific for my external email address, where should I set the rules that would look at the Organization of the CCed email address? 

    Would you know if there currently is a way for Zendesk to detect the organization of cced email addresses? I understand it only looks at the organization of the requester, in this case, our end-users and not the cced external email address.


  • Greg O'Neill SMC

    Sorry Kyna,

    I thought that might have worked for you.



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