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  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    Hi John Scrivener! You can do this. You will need to set up an email extension for your Director. There's an article to help with that: 

    You'll also want to tag the CEO's user profile so that you can easily identify their tickets. 

    Once you have both of those pieces in place, then you can create a trigger that looks for a ticket created with the unique tag for your CEO and have it send a notification to the email extension for your Director.

    Hope that helps!

  • John Scrivener

    I was able to create a trigger with your help.

    Thank you very much for this.

  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    You're welcome!

  • Mohammad Qayyum


    I am not sure if this has been answered before, I am in need of some help.

    I need help creating a trigger that when a user creates a ticket by sending an email to, it automatically closes the ticket and sends an email to the user from zendesk to get them to create the ticket again using the zendesk web portal.

    Thanks in advance.


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