Customer Satisfaction via SMS



  • Shayne Traqueña
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Melissa,

    If you are using Zendesk Talk and that number can also use Text, you could create a trigger that will send the Satisfaction link to the customer. More information on Text in the follow documentation:

    You can then create a trigger similar to the screenshot below: 

    With a trigger similar to this a satisfaction survey link should be sent to the requester of a ticket as long as they have a SMS enabled number associated with their user profile. I'm afraid that would be the only relatively close option you could set up using Zendesk Talk.

    Otherwise it may be worth looking into 3rd party integrations within our App Marketplace

    I hope the above information helps!


  • Benny Samuel

    Hello! Is there a way to test this before it becomes live? When I published the trigger, it was automatically activated and triggered 5x in a minute... I wasn't ready for that! Also, is there a way to only send out these surveys to callers we choose to, in real time? We want to send it to a handful per day, not every single customer. 

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Benny, 

    You can use tags to target the specific users that will receive the trigger. One way is to use a unique tag and add it to a test account, so the trigger will only apply to that users ticket. 

    If you would like to choose the recipient per day, you can create automation with the tickets tags condition. Then manually add the unique tag to your chosen tickets daily. Once the conditions are met, the automation will fire at a random time every hour. 

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