Public replies not being received by clients



  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Petrina,

    If an end-user isn't receiving the ticket email notifications it generally have something to do with the triggers on your Zendesk. 

    It would be best to make sure the correct triggers for end-users are active on the account. Below are the two triggers which are linked to sending ticket notifications to customers:

    - Notify requester and CC's of received request 

    - Notify requester and CC's of comment update

    Best to check the above two triggers are active first. 

    Secondly, check the events on the ticket to make sure the triggers are firing off on the ticket. If the triggers are, then the email in the customer inbox may have landed in junk or spam so also best to check there as well. 

    If you still are stuck, best to then live chat with Zendesk Support for some direct help as they can take a look in your account settings with you to help diagnose. :)


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