Once an app is purchased for number of agents, how to get Number of agents applicable for the App.


  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Sushant! Each month you'll receive a bill that details the charge by agent and if there are any prorated charges for agents being added mid-cycle.

  • Sushant Patade

    Hi Greg,


       Does the bill state number of agents too ? Secondly, is there any api through which we can get these details programmatically ?

    To be more specific, a admin can buy an app for let say 4 agents, so we need the count of agent respective app is available for.

  • Sushant Patade

    HI Greg,

     Waiting for your response. I hope I am clear with my requirement. Still for our understanding I will re-phrase it.

    Once an admin purchase a app, lets say he purchases for 4 agents with per agent rate, is there any way to get number of agents for whom app is purchased for ?


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