Remove dashboard updates once ticket is viewed


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Christopher, 

    I can't begin to speak to the intentions of the team that built or designed this feature, but we'll see if we can get someone from the product team in here to share their thoughts. 

  • Erin McCool

    +1 for me that the dashboard me redesigned to dismiss updates that have already been viewed/addressed.VERY frustrating user experience to see updates to already closed tickets just hanging around. It makes it seem like we didn't address the issue or close the ticket properly or something. They should a least disappear once the ticket is closed!

  • John DiGregorio

    +1 on this is an annoying feature - you should at least allow people to collapse the view - you are taking up a 1/4 of my screen for something I don't need as a manager.   Someone assigned 5 cases to me yesterday and now I am stuck with the update panel

  • John Danaher


  • Benny R

    +1 here. It looks like users have been asking for this to be removed or at least be configurable for years now. What is Zen's reasoning for not doing so? 

  • Donald Davoust

    Hello!  I agree with the original poster... and his comments:  

    On your home dashboard, left column, agent is able to view updates to their tickets. Which is nice. 

    But it becomes essentially pointless if the updates don't disappear after you have viewed that particular update. 

    The impact on my business is minimal of course, but it certainly is a waste of a good feature that many users would otherwise take advantage of. 

  • [VI] Julia Laars

    Seeing the last 100 ticket updates from your ticket on the dashboard is not useful at all. This could be tickets from last week but also tickets from half a year, which you don't need at all.

    Agents lose track of what they have checked already, what they have to check again or what is closed already.

    It should be possible to edit in your account how long this notifications are visible to agents.

    Some ideas:

    • let the agent manually remove the notification if they like
    • remove notification after the ticket status is closed
    • remove notifications after a certain time/time since viewed (editable in admin settings per account)
  • Viorel Parvan

    Yes, has anything been done to be able to remove notifications that are old? They should at least disappear if you viewed them or clicked on them. Please do something about it, because my dashboard has been filling up with irrelevant information. Very difficult to filter through it. Come on!



  • TMW

    Please can we get an update as to when this feature will be added to Zendesk? Thanks

  • Champ Yarbrough

    Just wondering where this issue stands today? As currently designed the dashboard is useless to for our users and it appears that that is case for quite a number of Zendesk customers.

  • Gary Boackle

    Has this been fixed? Can a clear all or individual clear button be added?

  • Season

    This is a pretty glaring omission from the primary view my agents use every day, and this thread has been open for over three years (!!).  Could a Zendesk PM please take a look?

  • Daniel Arellano

    Hello, I ended up here looking for a way to remove ticket updates from view and I can see that this thread definitely could use an updated response. Zendesk already has a TON of wasted space on screen, either whitespace or features like this that aren't useful.

    Please add this feature at present I don't have a real reason to use that dashboard screen.

  • Nicole Nease

    Any word on getting this updated? It's pretty much useless if we can't clear it.

  • Carolina Almeida

    Nicole Saunders Has there been any reconsideration on allowing agents to dismiss or close out notifications once they have worked that ticket? It's great that notifications show up on the dashboard but ultimately this will just confuse agents if they can't dismiss alerts for tickets they've already solved. I'd be surprised if you own agents didn't feel the same way.

  • Gary Boackle

    This issue has been in place for over 3 years with no resolution. Will you please share a product roadmap to help us understand where this fits in the development plan?

  • Richard Tudge

    I am baffled by how anyone could implement a feature like this with no consideration for how the updates are cleared or dismissed.


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