Zendesk Talk: Allow Reporting on Agent Availability



  • Jose Garcia

    Can we have an update on this update please?

  • Alex Rogers

    I too would like an update on this feature Karen Hynes.  My team could greatly benefit from having this data.  What is the status on the bugs identified?

  • Nathan isaac

    I understand that this is not ideal for your business, as you have coast-to-coast support. I would recommend that you reach out to Zendesk support to let them know that you are interested in this feature and that you would like to be notified as soon as it is released.

  • Angélica Lara

    Acabo de unirme a zendesk y justo estoy solicitando tener un reporte de los tiempos de conexión de los agentes, tiempos de ausencia, tiempos en disponible, tiempos en transferencia, etc ya que estos datos son muy importantes para medir la productividad en un centro de atención a clientes, pido que se desarrolle este reporteo lo más pronto posible por favor

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hi everyone, thank you so much for flagging this post for a response. I wanted to let you know that I have reached out to our PM, Karen Hynes for a reply and look forward to her response here as soon as she is able. 
  • Davit Gelashvili

    What we are requesting here is actually a ridiculously basic feature.
    Like really basic of the basics :D
    It is extremely weird that some of the most basic reports or features are not available on Zendesk.
    Besides that, your KPIs are weird as well for example Median and Average.
    Hope to see the reports soon.

  • Eden Davis

    Hi Karen, are there any updates on this since March? Thanks!

  • Karen Hynes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, thank you for your feedback and for raising this again as it has been a few months since we have been able to provide an update.

    Rest assured this feature update remains top of mind but due to some unforeseen scheduling delays out of our control we have not been able to work on this as fast as we may have hoped. We launched a closed EAP and we are collaborating with our peers in Explore to work towards plans to GA towards the end of the quarter/early q4. Shawna and our team will continue to monitor any new feedback on this feature and we look forward to having more to share in the coming months

  • Tom Erik Skjønsberg

    Karen Hynes

    I hope you will excuse nobody holding their breath, considering this was first promised to skip EAP for a GA in Q2 2022.

    I do hope Zendesk will take a very close and hard look at how it messed this up, and have been witholding one of the most basic metrics that exist in any CS environment.

  • Charlotte Oram

    Hi - Per all the other requests, and based on the March update, this incredibly basic feature has now been in testing for 6 months. When will we have this available? Online time / time signed in is one of the metrics my team is managed on and we have moved over to ZD talk (after a lot of promises from our account manager!), only to find so many basic features are not available (this being one).

    I am not in a position to be able to report on so much and spent far too much of my day yesterday creating a report that should have been readily available. Not really what was promised to us sadly. 

  • Casey Eisenberg

    Karen Hynes We are now almost one month into Q4, my team is extremely frustrated that we are approaching the one year mark from when we were promised a release. I would imagine that an actual release date would be set before the start of the quarter it was set to release in but now I am losing faith in a release this year. 

    This is very unprofessional even before looking at this thread and seeing this was promised in 2018. If I had a business partner promise a date to me that had to be rescheduled 3,4,5 times we would have severed ties. I understand you are just communicating the progress from the business but some level of priority needs to get placed here after missing this many deadlines. 

  • Rachel G.

    Hoping that this feature is made available ASAP

  • Kevin Vidales Buzo

    HI  Karen Hynes hope you're doing well. Just wondering if you had heard anything about this? We really need to measure agents availability in an automated way as it's painful to have one analyst assigned to do this extraction mannualy every day. I know that a lot of things are going on with new features and capabilities but as mentioned by other users, Statsus utilization and Availability are quite basic reports, crucial to meaure adherence to the plan in a Contact centre, since this original request is from 2019 is it possible to have any prio?

  • Sindre Gahlla

    Just came here. And I am flabbergasted. Is totalt login time not available in zendesk reporting? You cant be serious..

  • Tom Erik Skjønsberg

    Karen Hynes

    Now that we are halfway through Q4, and the GA was supposed to happen early Q4, are we behind schedule on the next delay announcement?

  • Susana

    Karen Hynes Hello! Are there any updates on this? Feels like Zendesk is not really putting an effort to provide such simple report... 

  • Tom Erik Skjønsberg

    Susana Zendesk bought Tymeshift, a paid product that has this functionality. So they would apparently rather that you pay for that, generate reports from Tymeshift and then use Excel to merge reports instead of providing basic reporting functionality in their own reporting tool.

  • Jo Tatti

    We bought Tymeshift a year ago, and just canned it. Unless your agents are logging in and out each day, and only using zendesk and not accessing other apps - it won't really give you a straightforward picture of agent availability. I will say, that our onboarding experience into Tymeshift was good, so I feel confident it wasn't a configuration problem. We were waiting for them to release "multi-tasking" but after a year of waiting for it we took a different tactic and re-allocated the spend to something else.


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