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    Karen Hynes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, 

    Touching base with an update on our plan for this dataset. We are removing the requirement for an EAP and as a result, we will be moving straight to GA at the start of q3 (I will provide updates here if this timeline changes). 

    Within this dataset, customers will be able to report on agent statuses per channel and work items assigned to agents per channel. This data will be available at a daily aggregated level to begin with and we will be enhancing this dataset to provide more granular timestamp and timeline views in due course. 

    I appreciate all the feedback and engagement in this thread, please keep the conversation going and I will make sure to provide updates as I have them. 



  • BJ Wright

    I also would really like to have this data where we could review for a set period of time. Having to grab it manually every day is not ideal. Can you provide an update on this request?

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Upvoting here also. We would like to see if there's a pattern in agent availability.  Not all Zendesk accounts have developers on staff to pull the API and maintain a separate report....

  • Norman Knoche

    Another vote for this being made available sooner than later - the metrics are there, we just need access to them. I can see the stats for online time, available time, etc on an average, but I can't pull the information for certain time periods myself?

    Please make this available soon - we need it desperately.

  • Amanda

    Agreed we need this feature. It would also be great to report on not only availability, but the other Talk Statuses as well.

  • Avinash Mugali

    Agreed! We need to know the total time an agent was available for any period of time we want to draw historical context. This is a basic hygiene metric for a call talking support organization. It helps us know the distribution of workload and also if someone is not adhering to the timelines set. 

  • Stefanie

    Reporting on both Chat and Talk to see how long people are on specific statuses (online, away, wrap-up time, etc). How agents manually adjust their status.

    It would also be great to have the option to create an activity log for agents. At the moment, to understand how my agents go through the day, I need to puzzle together their timestamps for public replies in support, calls (and their duration), and soon chat too. There is no easy way to see that an agent sent a reply at 9:20, then at 9:27 took a call that lasted 7 minutes, then at 9:45 sent another public reply. This means that there is no good way to understand our complete agent activity, and what their day looks like.

  • jvon



    Voice contact center operations need this to understand utilization and occupancy is commonly a KPI for agents in my organization (along with others, I'm sure).


    Seconding Amanda's request for reporting on all statuses -- I'd also like to know how many times an agent manually went into each status (in case someone is toggling quickly to avoid calls)

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Also upvoting as this would help determine which Agents are performing up to standards and who are needing coaching opportunities

  • Nicki Tarr

    Historical data relating to agent status and availability MUST HAVES: 

    1. Historical reporting on agent time spent on available.

    2. Historical reporting on agent time spent on away.

    3. Historical reporting on agent time spent on offline.

    4. Historical reporting on average/sum calls per available hour 

    5. Integrated schedule of when employee is scheduled to work Support/Talk tickets/Chat tickets and having historical markers of when employee made themselves available late or early in that scheduled time. Being able to set goals/SLA within that time frame and giving historical reporting on efficiency.

  • Jay McCormack

    Hi Karen,

    I see that you're asking for more feedback and that's great to hear as sometimes I think our community feels that Zendesk just isn't taking our real world experience into consideration. 

    I've skimmed through the comments and I feel like I can't add a whole lot more. The simple fact is that when managing any sort of call center it is vital to be able to know the status of your agents; how much time are they spending on calls, how much time are they available (raw and average), how does this compare to other agents, how are these numbers trending both for a team as well as individuals...

    The fact that we can't easily get at this information was a complete shock to me when we switched from a competitor to Talk. I foolishly ASSUMED that, since I could see this information on the dashboard that I would be able to report on it as well. 

    If you have more specific questions I'm sure we'd all be willing to provide more feedback as this is, to me at least, the single most important piece of information and the biggest gap in the product.


  • Adrian Bishop

    I would like to see this in Explore so we can set targets for agent availability against missed calls/declined calls etc.

  • Jay Kelley

    I need to be able to pull historical availability to understand staff levels, when I need to add staff or eliminate staff.  Historical availability/occupancy is something I've always used for performance management and staff modeling for call centers.

  • Andy Naylor

    agree this is very much needed :(


  • Kim Sillery

    This is a vital feature of almost any call center.   Our reps are held accountable for their availability and time in status- being able to pull this as a monthly report is extremely necessary 

  • Lee Burkhill

    This is such a basic feature which is missing. We've had to move our entire call centre into Zendesk Talk ahead of schedule, and we're struggling to track this. Each of the call centre team leaders have to manually record each agents online/away time from the Talk dashboard at the end of the day which is ridiculous.


    Luckily we're a small call centre (around 50 agents), but I could see this being a major problem for larger ones.

    Starting to think Zendesk Talk was not a good idea and we'll most likely look to go with an alternative solution.

  • Christian Perdikis

    We rely heavily on 'Chat Agent Activity' metrics, which I am learning is not an available dataset in Explore like it was in Insights. What are my avenues for continuing to access this data once Insights is discontinued?

  • Phillip Krieg

    +1 (for many many many years...)

  • Kamil Adrianowski

    We would really appreciate having this feature available so it's easier for agents to see who's available, it would be easier to mitigate situations where everyone is "away" for longer periods of time.

  • Andy Y. (SkySlope Support)

    Another +1!

    Use case: Our team doesn't necessarily track metrics like available time, but we rely heavily on these and similar metrics in cases where we need to validate the times that an Agent was and was not available in ZenDesk Talk. 

    Please please please incorporate this into ZenDesk Explore!

  • Whitney Votaw


    New to Talk and surprised to find you can't report on a metric that is so crucial in reflecting an agent's performance.

    Also surprising there is no auto-log-off feature for agents! Been 'planned' for quite some time (years). :(

  • Josh Guthrie

    It may have already been mentioned here - but all of these metric updates need to be featured across all applicable channels. Agent availability is just as crucial in Chat as it is in Talk etc.. 

  • Lena

    Please make this, it is much needed for us!

  • Bertram

    +1 totally agree, this is a major missing KPI, which is basic and has to be available.

    Honestly I am shocked, that - especially with just 3 different status sets - there is no chance on reporting this.


    Never expected these to be missing - will be a crucial factor deciding wether I extend our suite plan..

  • Kyle Clark


  • Kelly Johnson

    I would like to see this as well. This could show us how many people were logged in at any given interval AND available to accept an inbound call.  It would be very helpful in figuring out where we are having capacity issues. 

  • Trevor Whitecotton

    +1 here. Hard to believe this isn't a native option. Please address this ASAP, Zendesk!

  • Ashley Yau

    I'd love to have a view on agent's activity log too. Although we have total available time and total talk time however it's still important to know how long people are on specific statues. Especially when everyone is working remotely due to covid, this could definitely help understand our complete agent activity. 

  • Matthew Sammut

    No idea why this would not be included from the start - online time and available time are core KPIs for any team lead or manager who is managing the availability of a support team. The data is there, and available, I cannot see any reason it would not be accessible from Explore.

    +1 from me, put this on the top of your list for BOTH Talk and Chat, this sohuld be a minimum requirement for a PAID reporting application.

  • Bertram Lüdtke

    Priority 1:

    • Total / Average Online Time (min + hours) 
    • Total / Average Talk Time (sec + min + hours)
    • Total / Average Wrapup Time (sec + min + hours)
    • Total / Average Break Time (min+ hours)
    • Total / Average Availability (Online minus break minus Talk time)

    Prioritiy 2:

    • Total / Average Offered Calls
    • Total / Average Accepted Calls
    • Total / Average Declined Calls (manually)
    • Total / Average Declined Calls (response Time exceeded)
    • Total / Average Forwarded Calls
    • Total / Average Talk Time
    • Total / Average Ring Time (difference between offered / accepted in sec.)
    • Total / Average Wrap up time
    • Total / Average Hold time


    These are just the general basics that you MUST be able to report in order to analyse an overview of availability, productivity and quality of your hotline performance.

    I know that they calculate in brackets and that some figures can be presented in a roundabout way (Priority 2), but why make it so difficult for the customer (us) than to simply define and offer the standard KPIs?

    How well and productively my team implements this and what the reality looks like from a workforce management point of view, especially in the home office, remains hidden to me without the KPIs under Priority 1.




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