Please Update Incorrect, Misleading Metrics and Filters On Pre-Built Dashboard "Support"


  • CJ Johnson

    I ended up writing a custom metric for myself that accurately returns the number of tickets created on each form, but it's still wild to me that the pre-built Dashboard is using the data so incorrectly and continues to show misleading statistics and imply you can build queries that aren't possible with the default metrics and attributes in these datasets. 

  • CJ Johnson

    The only update has been for Zendesk to include even more misleading reports. I'm pretty unhappy!
     More stuff that's just completely busted:

    Last assignment to resolution -- This metric was written badly and doesn't function. On top of that, the report on the Assignee Activity tab ignores the date filter when it is changed. 

    On the first tab, there's a whole report that purports to show you how many tickets were created and solved by date -- except anyone who has used Explore knows that you cannot actually display that information on the same chart, because the time filter will apply to both the Ticket Solved and Ticket Created metrics, resulting in a chart of only tickets that were both created *and* solved during the time period specified. It will always show the tickets created and tickets solved overlay as identical, which is a great clue that this report is broken. Another great clue is if tickets take longer than 24 hours to solve, just set it to yesterday, and you'll see it says no tickets were created or solved, even though that's absolutely wrong. 

    It's pretty frustrating to see that Zendesk is making no effort to fix the logical errors in the Explore product. 

  • Reed David

    CJ Johnson thank you for describing this limitation in detail – I ran into the same problem. 

    Zendesk, I know there are always competing priorities, but I'm really surprised this limitation hasn't been addressed. Setting independent time filters for created vs. resolved tickets is table stakes for any support reporting. This issue applies to custom reports and dashboards as well – there is no way to solve it, even by building our own custom reports, as confirmed by your support team. 

    Please combine all of the similar feedback (I've found other threads here too) and get this prioritized. I am truly surprised that I can't answer these basic questions about our support tickets. 

  • mfg

    Honestly, I have very few metrics that I can be very confident are immediately accurate, or don't need some degree of explanation, or debugging from time to time. Generally I need to have working sessions where we open the report and fine tune it directly, which creates so much fragmentation of work on reports cloned across dashboards. I am pretty uncomfortable relying on Explore for anything more than exporting data sets and crunching the numbers in Excel.


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