Customizable Outbound Caller ID


  • Will


  • Chad Reynolds

    This is a huge issue for us as well. We need our phone number to show our Caller ID -- business name not phone number. Otherwise we just look like one of the many phone spammers out there and our customers don't answer because they don't know it's us. This feature would have such a massive positive impact on all your customers' businesses, Zendesk!

    I see that Zendesk has closed some threads asking for this even though the only thing that was solved was to show phone number caller ID, not business name

  • Kandice G.

    Add another company to this list.  People won't answer our calls, but then aren't happy when it takes a while to resolve their issue.  Having this ability would be a huge plus for Zendesk!

  • Anna Martin

    Any update to this post? Is there a feature yet to display the company name as caller ID?

  • Chris

    2 years later and we are still looking for a solution for this problem.  Even as a paid solution it would be wonderful.  You are a virtual phone company if you own the us.


  • Aleena Khan

    I agree, this is important and it's hard to connect with customers if it's not an option to help them understand who is calling. Is this something Twilio can at least support? 

    Also, if we can't make outbound calls through toll free numbers that are recognizable, how can we make sure someone on the other line picks up?


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