Additional Bulk Article - "Publish in section"

Not planned


  • Mary Paez

    Bulk actions for admins are necessary.  We have taxonomy changes (adding sections or moving articles between sections) often and cannot be moving them one at a time.  When will a bulk action be available to classify a group of articles.

  • Felipe Mejia

    Adding comment for support. This would be very useful

  • Allaes Eeckhout

    Trying to completely reorganise our article database and the progress is very slow, because there is no way of moving articles in bulk... Hoping this feature is added.

  • Jack Williams

    This feature is a requirement for so many. Would be silly not to prioritize it. Imagine being able to simply drag and drop content from one section to another category....

  • Marcin Miodek

    Manually moving 500+ articles from a single folder into different categories... 

  • Jeff Stephenson

    I'm not sure why this feature is not the norm. We have multi-branded accounts and this is very time consuming to change article sections one by one. 

  • Sarah Schwab

    Yes! I'm in the process of reorganizing hundreds of articles, and it would be incredibly useful to be able to move them as part of the multi-select article settings.

  • Gilles Bell

    Massively needed. As we scale and evolve our community, we need to be able to edit, move, delete etc in bulk


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