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  • Ben Edelstein

    This is basic functionality and it's absence results in significant number of hours per month of additional effort. It significantly hamstrings our effort to fully leverage the Guide product.

  • Alejandro Colon


    You mentioned 7 months ago that you were trying to get an update from the product team. Any luck?

  • Ross Newton

    Finally! Content Blocks could work!  So instead of the same article in multiple sections, it's multiple articles with the same content block in each article. Fair enough! Beggars (Zendesk users) can't be choosers!

    I've signed up. Happy to hear this is coming. We've only been waiting five years. :/ 

  • Itamar Moshayov

    OMG, I was recommended by Zendesk support to check this PR as an option for my request to enable migrating documents between brands, but it's been open for 6 years??

    Things are moving quickly in Zendesk ha?

  • Nancy

    I'd also love to be able to clone a whole help center to a new brand too. No response from Zendesk on this thread? 

  • Alexandra Cronel

    Clone articles would definitely save precious time! 


  • Dawn

    We also have multiple brands and would love to be able to copy articles between multiple Help Centers.

  • Nikolaus Kaiser

    This feature would be of HUGE value to me. At the moment I'm managing 9 brands, and there is an incredible amount of manual duplication and copying that I need to do. Not to mention it's almost impossible to have accurate version control. Any updates, Product Managers?

  • Christian Colding

    Hi Nikolaus,

    Unfortunately we don't have any update at this point.

  • Helvijs Vigners

    Also, we would like to have an ability to use articles across multiple brands, or maybe export and import somehow, or copy from one to another.


    Is there a way to do it without losing images!?

  • Justin

    +1 We need this feature. Are there any updates?

  • Bill Kuhar

    People searching for help won't always ask a question the same way. For instance, someone might search "How do I access my account?" When another person might search, "How do I log-in to my dashboard?" 

    My company doesn't have a lot of questions to answers, but they are almost always asked in a different way. I want to have a hefty knowledge base so answers can be found no matter how the person asks. The easiest way to do this would be to duplicate my existing articles and change the wording a bit.

    Please make this possible.

  • Chloë Webber

    I have just set up multi brand and am investigating the best way to manage similar articles across the brands (there will be many articles that will need duplicating).

    This feature would be great. However - has anyone considered or had any experience regarding the SEO implications of all this duplicate content?!

  • Loredana

    Any answer about this problem? I'll do 3-4 similar Help Center for different brands and I don't know what is the easy and fast way for this work!


    Please help me!

  • Ernest

    I'm rather surprised that despite the high demand/request for the copy/clone feature on Zendesk Guide/Help Center, this isn't added yet. 

  • Susan Maher

    I would like to add my request for this feature. We have a need to have a template for all articles so we can provide the same look and feel.  Cloning will allow us to have a template in the Knowledge base that can be cloned. 


  • Sandra M

    Thanks for the update, although this was promised to be in the roadmap 2 years ago so having to wait another 9 months is not really acceptable.  The current solution is not scalable for multi white-label brands

  • MySchool

    As a new structure working with KB, just want to bump this +1. Cloning is essential...

  • Rebecca McMurry

    Agree, that we need all of these features - copy, deeper hierarchy, section in a section etc. I hate seeing this was first requested in 2015 - yikes! but happy to hear there is a timeline.

  • Rajat Sinha

    This is definitely one of the most important features for companies with more than one brand. I am surprised to see this basic feature is missing on Zendesk. Hopefully, it will be launched soon or else managing the whole Guide system will become difficult.

  • Ollila, Felecia A

    Cloning would be awesome! Copy/paste the contents of an article works well enough but when you have a number of articles to do this for it is very time consuming. 

  • Liz Koon

    Yes, being able to duplicate articles would be very helpful. It would save recreating information.


  • Marie Babini

    I agree, it would be really helpful to duplicate categories/sections and articles to other brands. 

    We are currently managing about 15 brands and it is quite boring and time consuming to copy/paste.

    I'm really surprised that no one at Zendesk has already developed this basic functionality.



  • Brian Verdine

    Just wanted to add another voice to the chorus.  Being able to clone articles one-by-one or in batches would both be really helpful.  Being able to copy entire pieces of the guide "architecture" would be even better.

  • Richard Hartley

    Another vote for this feature, please.  I love the way Help Center works but have already found occasions where I need the same article in more than once section.  Being able to clone and then edit would be great.

  • Jérome Mormiche

    Same here, I was surprised this functionnality doesn't yet exist in Zendesk. Having more than 100 brands, with half of the articles identical for each brand, being able to duplicate them would save me a lot of time. I'm using GDoc import but this is really time-consuming. And I didn't mention language variants, did I ?

  • Rebecca McMurry

    @Bogdan this is great news. Do you have a timeline yet?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Rebecca -

    No timeline we can share publicly at the moment, but it is in active development.

  • Rebecca Pead

    I'm really disappointed with this -  such a key function which is clearly needed ( and has been raised for 5 years!) We were told it was an active development 3 months ago and still no timeline or update?

  • DP

    Hi Nicole - do you have an update on the time-frame for this. 


    We're deploying Zendesk in coming weeks and its an opportune moment to lock this in for our scenario.




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