Problem and Incident tickets - need a way to view the subject and detail of all incident tickets against a problem ticket, or vice versa


  • Melissa Rush

    Any updates from ZD dev team? 

  • Luma Lopes

    Any updates?


  • Phillip Krieg

    +1 we really need this feature

  • Mark Leci

    We'd love to have this too - specifically our need is to pull a report that shows open problem tickets with the subject, count of incident tickets and total ARR (a custom organization field). I can do all of these except the subject. 

  • Avalanche Support

    Upvoting this idea. I have been squeezing my mind to come up with a workaround to display the problem subject next to its ID in explore so that I can actually get an informative query, but I can't do much.

    Best I could do was unifying the subject in all incidents of the same problem and add the ticket subject to the attributes. However, when an agent forgets to use the exact same subject with the exact same letter cases and just leaves the end-user's default subject until ticket is closed, the query becomes inefficient.

    Also would love to be able to customise the incidents view from the parent problem.

  • Tina Yates

    I'm looking for a what to report on the attribute of "Linked problem" ; when will it be added into Explore? What is the point of the attribute if you can't report on it, you are forcing us to create a custom attribute for something that already exists.

  • Agree with everyone here, I'm trying to come up with a simple report of a list of problem tickets with a metric column of number of incidents raised against that problem.  Seems like that should be pretty standard report in terms of incident management.  

  • Louis Borocki

    We do a TON of problem/linked tickets. The fact that I can't report on them, create a view on them or run triggers/automation on them is extremely frustrating. The relationship obviously exists.

  • Sam

    This would be a great addition!  Much needed.

  • Anjie Nambiar

    This is extremely important and is really affecting our work.

  • Aran Liu


  • Lisa Springall

    We are starting to utilise the problem ticket option within Zendesk as part of our problem management process & we need the ability to be able to pull all open problem tickets & any incidents associated with the open problem. Currently if we apply a status filter so that we only pull back open problems but associated closed incidents it's impossible to do. There needs to be the ability to do this to allow for accurate reporting on problem management.


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