Away status and reporting



  • Chanteena Murphy

    Agreed!  I want to be able to report on available time and away time via Explore! 

    Additionally, I want to be able to have a Lunch/Break status in talk/chat as planned/allocated time in the day and only use "Away" as unallocated/unplanned time out of the system. 

  • Taylor Green

    Agreed this is needed from a reporting aspect and is a key metric for any call center. I'm unsure as to why it isn't added in Explore as it was easily accessible in Insights.

  • Christopher Wooten

    Is there any update on this issue.

  • Karen Hynes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all,

    Karen Hynes here, I've recently joined Zendesk as a Product Manager and I will be focusing on Agent Activity reporting over the coming months!

    I am following up on different threads currently as there is a lot of discussion on this topic, which is great to see and hear. The feedback on this thread is well noted, however, there is also a conversation on this topic over on this thread: Zendesk Talk: Allow Reporting on Agent Availability. It would be great to get further feedback and discussion over there or even to use as a point of reference for updates.  




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