Explore User Group Filtering


  • Ryan Mumby

    I think I might be able to hack a solution using tags, but that seems like an unnecessary burden given that the group information already exists, and we would essentially have to maintain groups AND tag groups to make this work, when just maintaining groups should be enough. 

    We should also be able to do this with custom Agent Roles. 

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  • bill cicchetti

    Seems like such an easy field to report off of.  Its hard to explain to our managers why a report shows a user belongs to multiple groups because its pulling the user group from the ticket not the user

  • CJ Johnson

    This is such a weird thing to be missing and required me to build really stupid elaborate tagging schemas to basically track groups in a way that allowed me to report on them in explore. It also is confusing for non-technical people who don't understand why you can't do this thing that seems very reasonable. 

  • Anne-Flore Caire

    Also need to have a filter on the "Call agent group" (and "Leg agent group").

    The use-case is the following: I need to output outbound call statistics for a team, and I can't even easily output the number of calls.
    Indeed, what I need is to be able to select the group(s) of employees that I need to filter, and at the moment, I have to go through the "Call agent name" data and select the agents concerned one by one = when a new employee joins the team, I have to modify this filter and the others that I will be obliged to put in place. This is not maintainable.

    In terms of groups, there are the following data but they do not meet the need: "Call group" because it is the default group of the instance, nor the "Ticket group" because a ticket is not created for each call. 

    It is therefore the Group of the agent of the call (and Group of the agent of the leg) that we need.
    Explore Talk's statistics should allow to output data also on the agents and not only on the calls.
    It is also impossible to provide data about the time of connection of the agents to Zendesk and to the different Talk statuses (Example: on a given day, an agent has connected to Talk in online status Xh, Talk in absent status Xh, Talk in absent status and "On Call" sub-status Xh, Talk in absent status and "Away" sub-status Xh...


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