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  • Flair Customer Support

    Usability. Add an easy way to share Smart Lists.

    The current process for sharing smart lists involves create a template or downloading the list data from one account and then reimporting it to another account. Creating a template requires an admin and structured format of the list. Exporting and reimporting data is not an elegant workaround.


    Add a share button to Smart Lists that allows sharing the list to another Sell account.

    When a shared Smart List is modified, it is modified for all accounts that share the list.

    When a shared Smart List is deleted, it is deleted for all accounts.

    What else?

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Sondra, thanks for this feedback – instead of commenting on the template here, can you create a new post in the Feedback on Sell topic, copy the template text from here, paste that into the post, and replace the text entries under "Feature request", "Description/use cases", "Business impact", and "Other information" headings with the specific information about your request? Thanks!


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