Alternate Email for Contact in Sell


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    Marie Laurenza
    Zendesk Engineering

    Additional Email fields can be created on Leads and Contacts and then emails to/from those email addresses will sync to Sell. Information on how to add a custom field is here.

  • Jay Clementson

    Hello Michael,

    Good question. You can add a secondary email as a custom field but this is the shortcoming; 

    From Zendesk: "Our developers have gotten back to me and let me know that they unfortunately will not be able to fix this, as we don't explicitly support global searching by custom field values. While the search feature in Sell will be updated eventually to be more robust, using a workaround is the best option for now. In my test account, I found I was able to search by secondary email address fields if I typed everything in the secondary email address up-to and excluding the @ symbol. For example, I was able to find a contact which had a secondary email "" by searching "johnsmith45" in the global search bar. That said, given that this is not s explicitly supported behavior, you may need to find a separate work around, such as adding a tag to all leads/contacts which denotes that they do have a secondary email added. This way, if you are looking for a lead/contact by secondary email, you can at least narrow the list for only leads/contacts with secondary emails stored. Let me know if you have any questions on this or on any potential workarounds here."


    Good Luck!


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