Select an Address app - official feature request thread


  • Automate My Store

    Nathan Purcell thanks for your feedback! Can you please clarify what you mean with "ticket group"? Do you refer to ticket tags?

  • Nathan Purcell

    The group to which the ticket is assigned. The "assignee" option in the left hand column. 

  • Automate My Store

    Nathan Purcell yes, those are "User groups" and already supported by the app :-)

    The Zendesk UI might be a bit confusing, since it shows for the ticket, but Zendesk calls those "User groups"

  • Gabriel Pavel

    Nice addon, would be good if in case we use the "Disable automatic selection of address for agents in the following groups" the agent is asked to select a email instead of sending the ticket with the default email address. Or any other way to make sure the user confirms the selected email before sending.


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