Find and replace


  • Summer Polacek

    Thanks for the suggestion. We'll look into it. 

    The idea for us migrating to ZD was to not have to purchase multiple apps or external support to fulfill these more basic needs. I think it's fair for us to always ask for and promote the need for feature requests for native ZD solutions when possible over purchasing external solutions. That's the only way to let a product team know that we have needs and desires to improve a product. An external solution should be a temporary solution in my opinion. 

  • Nicola Hrynko

    yes you are abolutely right!!


  • David Kahn

    Absolutely agree, Summer.  Hopefully this one gets some traction sometime soon.

  • Susan

    We shouldn't need to find a solution. Text editors have shipped with find and replace for over 20 years as a basic feature. It's really not clear to me why this is not in the product.

  • Elizabeth Straub

    Agreed. This is such basic functionality! 
    We use the Swifteq app as a temporary workaround but are ultimately moving our Help Center to a different platform.

  • Susan

    In larger companies it is not always a simple process to buy and use an additional app. The cost needs to be approved and the security of the app needs to be vetted. It isn't clear that the Zendesk product team understands how much work is involved in doing a manual search and replace on hundreds of articles and how basic of a feature this is. 

    Is it possible that someone from Zendesk can respond on why this is considered low priority? 

  • Sara Anthony

    Hi there! I found this chain after searching for articles related to find ad replace and it looks like there has not been an update in a couple of years, so just checking to see if this is something that is still in the works. Thank you!

  • Reflektive Agent

    Do we have any progress on the "search and replace" or search and delete option? 

  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care
    For now there is no discussion about an update to this option. But rest assure that we'll let everybody know once we have any improvements related to this one.

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