Zendesk Explore - Report on Knowledge Base Articles by last updated date?


  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Brianne,

    For what it's worth, you can see a list of your articles in the Guide Admin > Manage articles page, where you can sort on the date the articles were last edited: Using article lists for different views of your knowledge base content

    On the Guide Enterprise plan, you can also set reminders to review articles to help ensure they stay up to date: Setting reminders to review and verify articles

  • Shaun Murray

    It would be amazing to have this basic functionality in Explore! The "Setting reminders to review and verify articles" linked above is not as powerful as Explore's ability to email reports on a schedule to a group of people instead of just the article owner.

    The manage articles page does what we want, but it does not email us on a set schedule so my team and I have to remember to manually check it, I also cannot build it into a clean dashboard showing the stats of our knowledge base.


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