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  • Lucia Johnson Seller

    I recommend grid size 0 to make the dashboard look cleaner and match the background color so that you don't have to worry about grid sizes.

  • CJ Johnson

    Super agreed! The use of screen real estate and bad swaths of white space is particularly brutal if you work off a laptop screen. Most of my screen is taken up by white space, and inevitably I don't have enough room left to maneuver my charts into spots.My big tip for setting up and beautifying Dashboards, is to zoom out to 65%, do what you need to do, then zoom back in.

    While the "0 grid" trick helps a bit, it removes the ability to use the grid to line things up, which is pretty essential if you have really terrible spacial skills. The grid line pop ups when you drag charts around are probably the only thing keeping my reports from being embarrassingly ugly/me spending an eternity sweating and squinting and drawing a line between the objects with my finger on the screen. 

  • Ed Ball

    I have some extra frustrations to add to this...

    In insights you could email out specific tabs instead of the entire dashboard. We have a daily report that goes out, but we also have sections of that Daily dashboard that are sent to specific teams so they are given data they need and do not have to look for it. Explore does not do that. If you want to do that you have to edit the dashboard, click the tab, click clone, click 'in another dashboard', uncheck clone queries, then click clone. Insights was much more user friendly as far as that goes. Not the mention the bloat of the queries by themselves.

    The other is very similar, you can not just schedule a query to be sent out as an email. You have to put it on a dashboard in order to send it out and that just pollutes the dashboards area. Frustrating that you can't just email out the report/query. I kinda get it, but still  a little frustrating.

  • Ed Ball

    Inline messages:

    You can't do this in explore report scheduling. Is there any report that will allow a ticket to be clicked on and open it in Zendesk? I can do this in explore if you are actually looking at the report, but there is no way to do this when scheduling a report to be sent out?


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