Preview text as customer is typing

Not planned


  • Adedayo Oduneye

    This feature is a must to ensure better response from Agents. I believe Zendesk should consider as believe there is no invasion of customers’ privacy. Our response time metrics will not only greatly improve but the overall customer experience will as well



  • Hassan Iqbal

    This is a must feature. With other competitors offering this.

  • Olivierp09

    It has been more than 3 years that customers are asking for this feature.  My god !!!! what a responsiveness from Zendesk. it's quite disgraceful.

    Indeed this feature is provided by your competitor and it is a basis

    Being able to see what the end-user is typing does allow the agent to get more efficient because they can start to answer before the client finishes his sentence

  • Heather McMillen

    We absolutely need this feature as well!  Please, please, please add it.

  • Sander Scheer

    We are currently using the chat solution, which offers this. It allows our agents to be very pro-active in their chats, our customers are really surprised by the quick answers we can give them.

    So if Zendesk integrates this in their chat, it would be the reason for us to migrate the chat to Zendesk Chat.

  • Xrrvnafy

    I also use LiveChatInc. I'm waiting for this feature "Preview text as customer is typing" so I can sign up for Zendesk Chat. Will this ever be implemented?

  • Jagoda Janiszewska

    Today we just implemented Zendesk Chat solution, replacing LiveChatInc. What I can say is only huge disappointment. Comared to extremely easy solution that LiveChat provides, Zendesk is very limited and not user friendly. If I knew this before, I would never push for this change. Even the benefit of automated ticket creation etc is not able to hide the disadvantages like no text preview as customer is typing, no way to supervise chat and whisper some text.

  • Flavio

    +1 for all the reasons above

  • Swati Nair

    Looks like we stopped asking for this feature. I would love to know if zendesk reconsidered and are implementing it.

  • Doug

    Greetings from this time capsule of a feature request thread to the the kindred spirit Googler that invariably finds it someday in the future. You may ask "did Doug ever get his wish? did he ever switch to Zendesk chat?"

    The answer is no, we're still stickin' with LiveChat.

    Zendesk itself is still dope af tho.

  • Alex Duffey

    This feature is a HUGE miss on the Zendesk side. Every chat tool we have demo'd or used has the ability to see what the customer is typing before they hit enter. Join the 21st century of chat!


    +1 must have

  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for writing in. We understand that providing a quick response is important for customer experience. We do support typing indicators to indicate that a new response from an end-user is coming in. Sound, browser and in-app notifications enables your team to quickly switch to the conversation waiting for their response. However, we do not have plans to support previewing text while the end-user is typing on the roadmap. 

    - Prakruti

  • Trina Moon

    I'm going to grovel some. Please, please, please consider this on your roadmap. We gave up a lot of features from when we were using SnapEngage. Seeing what the customer is typing is a huge feature that we gave up. When agents are handling multiple concurrent chats, this feature is so very, very helpful! You are not only making the current chat customer wait while you read their response, but you may be making 1-2 more customers also wait as you are trying to find a response to the current customer. Had the agent been able to ascertain what the customer was looking for, they could queue up a macro response (or at least be searching for the macro) while the customer was still typing their question/issue. IMO it's very inefficient to not have this feature. Longer handling and wait time. :(

  • Doug

    Thanks for the update that you're not going to accommodate this request, Rajat.

    We're still not going do use Zendesk Chat until it's implemented.

    Wish you'd actually listen to the users on this front and not provide non-answers as to why you're not implementing it. The only answer given-- that the users chatting with agents would not like it-- again is a ridiculous one because users would not agree to half the things slipped into their T&C if they actually knew what was being implemented.

    Any actual direct answer as to why this isn't getting implemented would be appreciated instead of updating us with non-answers.


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