How to improve Form selection when creating a new ticket


  • Angelique Paulus

    In addition to this request I think it would be really nice if there would be an option (maybe something that every Zendesk customer can activate if they want to use it) that before creating a ticket manually that the agent should first select the form. Maybe via a popup screen with the mentioned options by @....

    Right now that Form field is hidden somewhere on the left hand side of the screen and people will overlook it. Consequence the default form is chosen automatically. 

    When the default form is not the correct form for that specific ticket, it means that from the start of the ticket not the correct fields are shown, which makes it quite useless to make fields mandatory upon entry and we will have to get back to the person that created the ticket to get the extra information. 

    Note: we make a lot of use of light agents and have different forms based on different products we support. Those light agents are not as aware of the form field as the full support agents. 

  • Kristina Johnston

    We also have specialized agents and would prefer that a default form could be set when the agent creates a new ticket based on thier group.


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