Agents adding incorrect end users to tickets


  • 10x L2 Support

    Hi Mark,

    I agree with your description of the problem and this sounds very logical and should be able to be addressed quite easily.

    I assume that organizations are associated with email domains (they are for us) so before sending an email off, a simple check could flag to the agent any cc contacts that have a domain in an existing organization different than the recipients organisation. This could then be made configurable to either apply to domains that aren't registered against an organization or not. I can see use cases for either scenario.

    In terms of importance, I would rate this quite highly since accidentally cc'ing the wrong person exposes GDPR protected data to another organization and can't easily be remedied. Simple human error can cause a great deal of damage so this should get some attention.

  • Mark Leci

    Hi Robert,


    Thanks for your reply! I think your suggestion would work perfectly for us - right now I am looking into doing exactly the same via API, but I don't think we currently have the development bandwidth to do it. Building something into Zendesk would be preferable as it could block the user from taking this action (whereas API could really only tell someone when it's happened). 


  • Michael Amromin

    Hi @...!

    There is a great solution – Restrict CC app. Check it out on Marketplace here



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