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  • Krista Zaloudek

    We'd also like to have the ability to have more views and the ability to rearrange views. It would be very helpful for admins to even be able to adjust the order and mix in personal views as well for their teams. This could be helpful to overcome limitations of the play mode (and not having tickets resurface to agents that they could not originally handle).

  • TESmart.01

    WE NEED MORE!!!!

  • Stephen

    Adding my support in here for this feature. Tom's community post perfectly summarises the need for this.

  • Gregory Muir

    This is never going to happen. It's been an open request for ten years and counting. 

  • Nathan Purcell

    Bumping for attention after being directed here from another thread by Nicole S. 

    As echoed by so many other people many times over: this is a very simple limitation to remove, please take steps to implement it! 



  • Dean Nelson

    Please raise the limit. 12 views doesn't make sense. Seems like a completely arbitrary number for something that shouldn't even have a limit.

  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all,

    I’ve provided some updates further down in the thread, you can see those here:

  • Fernando Garcez



  • Drew Ivey

    Adding my support for this request and looking forward to future updates. This would make my work flow smoother and more organized. Very excited for 'View Categorization'!

  • Sam
    Community Moderator

    @... We were wondering if there is an update on this issue, seeing as it has been six months. Understandably the changes will take some time, but is there any rough estimate? Like many others, our team needs to evaluate whether it is worth investing in a paid 3rd-party app to do this, or to wait it out until this change goes into effect should it be on the horizon.

  • Anne Poortema

    I'd also opt for an endless amount of views. As a company with many teams we need at least one view per team. We can't use a view like 'only from my group' as agents are in several groups but only work for one group at a given moment. It is not doable to keep putting them in and out of groups. Also, that way they can't help another team when it gets too busy.

    Zendesk seems to be designed for agents that only do what they are told. We like to keep our agents thinking and arranging their work themselves instead of  a teamleader micromanaging them. For that reason they also need to see how workload differs across the teams and be able to help where they can in order to keep waiting times for clients short.

    Please add room for more views, and don't limit the amount. Especially if you want to land bigger clients, you need to.  

  • Josh

    Build in brand specification to this too. Certain brands need certain views.

  • Chad Smith

    Salvador Vazquez, my company would be looking at upwards of 30-40 views for most of our agents. Essentially each view is specific to a client that you are working with, and then we would also have summary views for all tickets open, tickets pending, and tickets on hold, specific to a user or a particular group. It would even be nice if the views were a scroll, or if there was a 'View More' or even a Tabbed Page action that had to be taken below the current section to show the additional views. (if it is a load issue)

    For comparison we use JIRA for tracking our software development and I have the ability to see and run 82 filters (their version of views) on demand at any time. 

  • Katie Meek

    Same issue.  We have our teams working out of community views and have had to be VERY selective about what views we create.  The admin team needs to be able to see all views at all times.  Because my team is smaller I've been able to work around this a little bit but rearranging my views all the time to see what I need to look at is inefficient and frustrating.

    A bare minimum would be 30 at a glance and up to 100 would be more efficient for me.

    I have a small team and I have 1 view of each team member's unsolved tickets to review for productivity and efficiency.  As my team grows I will need to increase my views.  Currently, I'm maxed out on my personal views and had to deactivate other views in order to view my whole team.

  • sebastian

    Please drop that restriction. It's totally unclear to me how this was implemented in the first place considering that in total a lot more views are possible. Is it the constant checks about ticket count in the views and such? Then just update less regularly. How often is someone looking at that? And even when, there is a refresh button on top.

    That's a very weird limitation.

  • CleanCo UK Champion

    Hi Salvador,

    In answer to your question I'd like to have an unlimited amount of views, or ideally be able to minimise/maximise the views.

    e.g. Currently we have just 7 UK views, but we're going to be adding our US team under the same instance. They have the same views the UK has (7), but already I've run out of room in my views so 2 are unseen. 

    If it was easier to show UK then maximise to see those views & then the US that would be great. This currently only affects me as the Admin as I need to see UK & US, whereas our regular agents (in theory) only need to see the views relevant to their countries. If we expand into further territories, I'll need to see more, so the minimising/maximising option makes way more sense to me, so I can quickly get to a view I need to see without scrolling through everything. 

  • Randy Little

    I saw a posting 9 months ago that Views were being address. I now see 3 months ago, a proof of concept was running.  Zendesk view limitation I would like to see addressed:

    1) Once administratively created, the number that can actually be seen by an agent is limited.

    2) There isn't any administrative way to modify and/or control the view for end-users of an Organization.

    3) There isn't any administrative way to modify the one and only view seen by all end-users

    Can we get an update on what release any change to Views is going to occur and what that update will contain?

  • sebastian

    You can change the order of the views, for everyone only though. It might also make sense to consider having other agents not having all rights or even admin rights. That's a security risk that is not needed. There could be someone in charge that changes certain things.

  • CJ Johnson

    Zendesk is now saying "in the next year", so I'm definitely kicking all my plans that need this down the road indefinitely as once again, I have been told for over a full year that this would be released "next quarter" or "very soon", and then predictably no replies at all when all the promised dates were long past. This is just such a disappointing experience. 


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thank you for your feedback. While we do not have any new information to share at the moment, the product managers are following this conversation and taking your comments into account.


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