Improvement for ticket merge / Privates comments


  • Alex Kolodzey

    I agree.

    It would be nice to see all of the comments inserted into the final ticket in their appropriate timestamped positions. If necessary for this type of change, they can even be completely removed from the old closed ticket since it is being Closed permanently and a note is added to redirect to the updated ticket.

    Public comments should remain public, and private comments should remain private. The "request has been merged" comment on the remaining ticket can avoid the use of "Last comment in request :" text because it will all be combined anyways.

    The only thing that may be necessary is some kind of flag/colour/pattern to denote which comments came from a merged ticket vs which comments are part of the current/original ticket. I am not sure if that differentiation is truly necessary; maybe this metadata can just be visible in the Events view instead?

  • Ann McKinney

    I submitted an identical request for this today! Please add me to this request for very much needed feature.

  • Marjana Cowan

    Yes! It is a huge efficiency loss when agents have to view multiple tickets to get the full context of the issue/question. Having all comments - public and private in one place would be amazing!

  • Orlando Candelaria

    Please add me to this ticket. 

  • LVB

    Please add me to this ticket as well.

  • Ann McKinney

    Is there an update on this much needed request that's been pending for over two years now? Thanks!

  • Yvonne U.

    I just can't believe this is not possible yet. Massive efficiency loss that in a merged ticket, we have to click back to other tickets for more info - why merge then in the first place??? I totally understand this may have not been on your radar when you first built the merge feature, but multiple customers here voting on it (loads probably with the same issue but starting to feel like the votes do not matter, if noone on Zendesk side leaves any comments on these threads for two years) - C'ommon Zendesk, I know you can do better than this!

  • Hostmost Engineering (S) Pte Ltd

    Agent is human and human make mistake, could Zendesk consider to add an Unmerge function when the agent did the merge by accident. 


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